Cloud Disaster Recovery

Calance and Disaster Recovery (Part 1) – The Importance of Having an Effective DR Plan

While most companies have some kind of disaster recovery (DR) plan in place, a shocking number end up being ineffective in real life scenarios. When disaster strikes – in the form a catastrophic weather event, floods or earthquakes, or even a power outage or fire at a data center – servers and storage devices may be knocked offline. Databases and websites may then become completely unavailable to potential users – and some will suffer permanent damage. There can be catastrophic economic consequences as well as headaches when this happens.


Managing Your Website – Part 1

These days, it’s a given that virtually every business, no matter how small, will have a website on the go. There are good reasons for this. On the sites of our clients, we not only display their entire product lineup, but also drill down into deeper information – such as product specifications, payment methods and financing offerings. You can use this kind of deep information to lead the user along to a conversion from being simply a viewer to being a customer. This type of dynamic interactivity is essential in the fast-paced modern marketplace.

Mastering Master Commitments in e-Builder

Mastering Master Commitments With e-Builder

At the Elevate conference last week we got an introduction to a new concept called Portfolio Level costs. This includes managing funding and commitments at the global level, not tied to specific projects. This is a big breakthrough, and many of us have been waiting years for a project management information system to not only implement this, but to implement it correctly. And I can say that the solution looks great to me! In this post I will focus on the Master Commitments part of this system.

From Oracle OpenWorld 2016. Our Integration Group Director is attending and keeping a journal. This is what he is saying about his days at Oracle OpenWorld

From Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Sunday Sept. 18th

Well it’s that time of year again, the annual pilgrimage to San Francisco to see what Oracle is offering in the coming year, and to touch base with the wider Oracle community. While the official opening keynote by Larry Ellison is always on Sunday night, there is plenty of opportunity earlier in the day to learn and network with others…