PremierCIO Events

The Premier CIO Forum app provides forum participants with the event information including the Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors, Maps, and more.  The app also allows participants to create and save a personalized agenda.  Detailed profiles of event speakers and sponsors include contact capabilities helping to prompt additional networking at the event.  Attendees can review profiles and engage with the sponsors and speakers depending on their areas of interest.

The app was developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with PhoneGap cross-platform development tool, and is available for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play.  The app provides both on-line and off-line operation; off-line operation is supported using the SQLite embedded database. The back-end database is provided by Calance’s BentoBox Mobile Back-end as a Service platform.

  • Calance is the National Sponsor of the Official Mobile App of PremierCIO 

The app benefits both Premier CIO and their conference attendees:

  • The Premier CIO Forum is produced by Premier Event Management, and is an educational and interactive gathering of IT professionals.
  • The app provides Premier with an additional marketing tool to increase visibility of their conferences, and provides an additional touch-point to engage with conference attendees. The app also serves as a marketing tool for conference sponsors and speakers.
  • For conference attendees, the app provides improved visibility of sessions within the conference. The user can review all of the sessions and select items of particular interest to be added to his or her personal agenda. The user can also use the app to contact sponsors and speakers to obtain more information about the products and/or services they offer.


Social Partner by PointBurst makes it easy to have a robust, compliant social media presence to support your business without all the heavy lifting normally required. You’ll receive periodic social media posts from your corporate group and YOU choose to approve or deny each post. Social Partner will automatically publish the posts you approve on the social media accounts you choose. It’s that easy!

Social Partner allows you to:

  • Connect and Share
  • Access exclusive content
  • Interact on social platforms


This official Publisher iOS app allows you to get exclusive access to new content, videos, music, and all the latest updates. Some of the features include:

  • Receive EXCLUSIVE content
  • View Publisher ‘s social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) ALL in one location
  • Interact (like, comment, retweet, share, favorite) with Trevor’s social feeds


  • Get access to OFFICIAL media library.
  • Get access to OFFICIAL release album and tracks.

Kubota Incentive Tool Mobile App

Calance worked with Kubota Tractors to develop an iOS & Android app to arm Kubota’s field staff with the latest sales incentives & promotions and finance program data, with the “Push” notifications functionality.

Calance created this mobile app to provide secured access to this real-time information. It is optimized for iOS and Android devices and presents the Kubota user with a set of filters to quickly navigate through a large set of incentive programs using a smartphone or tablet. The mobile app retrieves current incentive and finance data through an interface with the Kubota database servers hosted at the Calance Data Center.

  • The app greatly mitigates the need for a printed manual of incentive and program listings.
  • The front end for the app was done using PhoneGap. The back end was Microsoft web api with SQL Server.

Buxton Scout 3 App

Initially, with only a little more than one month to deliver end to end, Calance built a prototype for the application to be demonstrated to a live audience at a major trade show, and hosted that in a secured way to process orders too.

Afterwards, Calance developed the mobile version of the app including QA. The app was optimized for the iPad and mobile devices. Additionally, Calance implemented improvements to the backend of the system to increase the overall performance of the app.
Calance developed the services using Microsoft .NET technologies

12G Interactive

Calance built an entire e-Detailing framework for 12-G Interactive that was used to provide detailed information on medicine/drugs information. This e-Catalog not only saved money for drug companies – it also reduced the time-to-market drastically. The entire process was setup in a seamless manner – where the images and requirements would come to the Calance team and they would create the e-Brochure and submit for QA. Post QA validation – the entire package will be distributed to the clients via the iPad App.

  • The development was done using the JazzHands SDK for iPad.
  • We used HTML5, CSS3 to create interactive drug profiles/catalogs.

Integration with the Airlines reservation system

Our team developed an iOS App for India’s biggest domestic airlines. Users can use this app to:

  • Book flights with hold and pay-later options.
  • Check-in on the go, select their seats, and let their friends know on Facebook.
  • Check the destination weather.
  • Know the latest flight schedule.
  • Access real-time flight status.
  • Pay. Various debit and credit card payment options are available including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Netbanking.
  • Explore the range of food & beverages under the in-flight menu.


This iPhone/iPad app is the staffing industry’s premier tool to search jobs across North America, apply for career opportunities, locate branches and get the best career news content on the web. The app is essentially a white-label application for searching and applying for jobs, looking up career news, searching for branches and accessing the brands variety of social networks contents. The application leverages the Adecco Global Web Platform (GWP), a set of Rest Services that provides job and branch-related data.

The app users can take advantage of the great career news content to get the latest, real-time advice on the job market, hiring trends, interview advice and much more. Be sure to use this app to power your next job search.