The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

Our Innovation Services assist clients – enterprises, non-profits, government organizations, and startups – in their efforts to bring solutions to market, and seek to improve an organization’s innovation process.  We’ve pulled together innovation principles and practices from several proven sources into an integrated end-to-end innovation process.

Technology Accelerator

Realize the full potential of your ideas.  Calance BentoBox supports the growth of your innovation start-ups and helps you become a better entrepreneur.  We provide the infrastructure, the mentors and the partnership.

Prototyping & Visual Design

Explain your vision. Prototyping and visual design allow you to draw out your ideas for others and validate your assumptions. Follow the best practice of building your prototype. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Lean Startup

Enable innovation through purposeful experimentation. Design, develop and test your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) rapidly, validate your business case, facilitate learnings, make adjustments and move forward, quickly and efficiently.

Design Thinking

Thinking like a designer can improve the products and solutions you create for users and ensure a deeper connection to your user community.  Don’t rush into the solution phase.  Let the design process take its time.

Our Innovation Approach

We start by leveraging the concepts outlined in Design Thinking – introduced and made popular by Design firms like IDEO. We blend in the principles of experimentation and validated learning emphasized by the Lean Startup Movement. We enable the process with a focus on prototyping and visual design. And we leverage technology accelerators like cloud infrastructure, open source solutions, and platform services.


The combination of new ways of thinking, new innovation processes that emphasize quick experimentation as a method to generate validated learning, new tools for solution visualization and prototyping, and new technology accelerators helps organizations introduce new ideas and solutions quickly, cheaply, and smartly.

Bootstrapping is the new seed.

You don’t want to do it alone.  Let us guide your business.

Here’s how it works!

We help you with one, all or any combination of these innovation steps:


  • Focus on the problem to be solved.
  • Think creatively about how you might solve problems.
  • Define the minimal viable solution needed to run an experiment and validate your solution and market hypotheses.
  • Visualize your solution requirements with mock-ups and prototypes – before you build, to enable low effort, low friction iterations.
  • Get out of the building and conduct in market field tests – validate your assumptions and business case before you commit to scale.
  • Keep your solutions development costs down by using global delivery capabilities, open source software components, and cloud infrastructure and platform services.

Tell us about your idea. We’ll help you bring it to life.

Let’s Innovate