User expectations of mobile and web apps is higher than ever. You often only get one chance to provide your users with the experience they expect.

Finding issues with your apps before users do is more important than ever…

Our approach to testing helps give you peace of mind.

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QA Lab

Enterprise applications are no longer limited to internal users. Millions of consumers instantly decide if your website or mobile app is worth their time or not. Fortunes can be made or lost depending on the level of approval from customers. Are you willing to roll the dice on “Good Enough”?

We are here to help. While development teams often get entangled with the engineering, our experience has shown that independent verification teams help reduce the bias. Whether your developers use agile methodology that prefers co-location or a distributed team, our QA Lab can provide verification and validation services.

Verification Services

icon1Test Planning & Test Case Development (Semi-Automated)

User expectations have drastically changed since the launch of the App Store. Users expect the websites and mobile apps to work on any device. We are aware that frustrated users are driven-away potential customers, and our goal is to help you avoid that.

Our automated testing framework for Responsive Web Design (RWD) compliant websites scans elements and automatically creates test cases. Save time, generate test cases and never miss a potential fatal-error scenario.

Learn how our RWD Case Builder works. 

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Verification Services

icon2Test Automation

As mobile operating systems are refreshed every few months, and you are continuously building app functionality, you need to test your entire app every time you have a new release; that is every few months. The solution is to automate the testing, and Calance can do that for you.

In addition to keeping your initial investment low by using open source tools (like Selenium and Appium), our team will identify what to automate and build automation scripts using global resources.

Automate your testing today.

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icon3User Testing

With the penetration of mobile devices, user testing is becoming increasingly complex – cross browser testing, breakpoints testing, usability testing, etc. This means you need to test your application and website on all combinations of devices, operating systems and browser versions.

We have built a state of the art QA lab capable of user testing on every combination of operating systems, browsers and mobile devices. We provide user-testing services to Fortune 500 clients.

Besides executing test scripts, our QA resources have built deep domain knowledge. Our resources range from tech-savvy collegiate users to work-from-home moms. Depending on the target demographics of the consumers, we source the users who can provide real feedback.

icon4Performance Testing

As you compete with new global entrants every day, websites and mobile apps need to perform to user expectations. If it takes long time to load, users move on to the next option. Users are vocal and they decide what the next success is.

Calance routinely delivers scalable solutions for enterprise customers. Whether you are trying to understand the impact of large volume of visitors or how much infrastructure to buy, we can help.

Our engineering team can collaborate with you to help you understand how to tweak your infrastructure and get better performance.


Our Philosophy

There is a difference between staffing a team and “Project Readiness”. For us at Calance, Project Readiness means that our resources are highly skilled to meet the Client’s needs. After assessing the gap between the technical and domain knowledge, we invest in training our QA resources through creating personalized training programs covering the business terminology, knowledge and functionality.

Our adopted in-house-created “Project Readiness” framework enabled us to successfully build six domain specific consulting practices.

Project Readiness


See how Calance uses open source tools for user testing.

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