Service Desk

We outperform traditional Service Desk operations by focusing on generating actionable insights and delivering excellent end-user experiences.

We provide insights that help reduce calls. We identify trends and root causes of incidents and inquiries, and work with our clients to proactively prevent calls by actioning these insights.

We focus on providing excellent end-user experiences leveraging a robust knowledge base, ITIL-based processes, and trained US-based service desk agents and field support.

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Calance Service Desk - Improved Productivity




  • Short to no hold time, immediate response.
  • Faster and more efficient issue resolution.
  • Reduction or elimination of issue reoccurrence.
Customer Satisfaction


End User Experience


  • Personalized support experiences.
  • High first call issue resolution.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end support for all your technology needs (standard software, proprietary apps and procurement needs).
  • Ability to scale to meet changing business needs.
Reduced Annual Support Costs


Annual Support Costs


  • Reducing calls by looking for trends and root causes.
  • Creating efficiencies in resolving tickets by leveraging endpoint management tools.

It’s all about your end-user experience!

No matter what your end users’ preferences are — in-person, phone, email or self-service — Calance is always ready to offer the IT support your end-users need to do their jobs better. Our channels of support include live remote support and onsite desk-side support. Support can be provided through one or both channels. Combining both gives your end user a seamless integrated technical support with a single point of contact for technical needs and ultimately an optimized end-user experience.

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    Live Remote Support

    • Phone and email technical support with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that meet your business needs.
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    Onsite Desk-Side Support

    • Face-to-face support at your end-user desk, at your premises.

Let us be the helpful friendly face of your company.

We go above and beyond traditional service desk

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    Excellence in supporting both standard and customized apps and applications

    Our technical support is not limited to standard software and apps. We support both Proprietary & non-Proprietary Software. Our Service Desk team learns our clients’ apps, support them and provide feedback to reduce support calls.

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    US-based and hybrid on/offshore models available

    US-based support provided from our support center in Orange County, CA.

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    Multi lingual options available — Spanish
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    24 / 7 / 365

    We’re always available to support you and your team

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    Proactive input to app owners to drive improvements.
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    An extension of your team

    Our service desk experts seamlessly augment your IT team and perform as part of your staff both remotely and onsite.

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    New user on-boarding & training

    We provide group or one-on-one onboarding and training for your new end users – so your team does not have to worry about that – on both standard and proprietary software and apps.

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    Procurement support

    Our team will execute IT procurement on behalf of your team so that they concentrate on what they do and do their jobs better.

We understand your need to remain competitive while overcoming your IT support challenges. We have flexible and scalable Service Desk Plans.

We will tailor a plan to just suit your needs.

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Why Choose our Service Desk?

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Service Desk as

Quality Assurance


We believe Service Desk services go beyond resolving problems, we believe the Service Desk should help prevent problems.

When a critical service experiences an outage, or an application develops some inconsistency, or training demonstrates an inadequacy, often it is the service desk that learns about it first.

For these reasons, Calance tracks ticket clustering, identifies the areas of concern and provides feedback to your business to help address arising issues and continuously improve apps and processes.

It is not an exaggeration to characterize service desk as “production quality assurance!”

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Friendly Face

of the Company


In many real ways, it is the service desk that provides the voice of the company to its end-users (both clients and employees).

A friendly technician that helps an employee out of a bind goes a long way in improving the moral, trust, and loyalty of the employee.

At Calance, we understand this and hire technicians that excel in a superb customer experience as well as technical skills. We are committed to providing efficient support not only quickly but also kindly and compassionately.

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Ticket Data Analysis


We know that a service is only as good as its process. Where we stand apart is that we view our process as a means to achieving greater efficiencies as we gain experience.

Our processes are continually evolving to drive ever-greater services levels. This is not only reflected in faster resolution times and enhanced service levels, but also through innovative analysis of the ticket data to provide higher business value to our customers.

Faster issue resolution, greater service levels and more efficient self-support mean your end-users go back to what they need to do with the least impact possible leading to increased productivity.