Are You Following SharePoint Best Practices?

Your SharePoint environment contains hundreds of different configuration settings for Web Applications, Site Collections, Service Applications, storage, and many more areas, which makes it difficult to set up according to the SharePoint best practices. Keeping up with Microsoft recommendations and maintaining optimal performance can be challenging – audit and validate SharePoint farm configuration with our best practices reports. This will include a review of the SharePoint farm configuration – for SP 2010, SP 2013 and SP 2016.




Calance will run a test on your environment to make sure your SharePoint follows Microsoft's Best Practices.  Our SharePoint Best Practices Assessment might analyze the following:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Configuration
  3. Database 
  4. Hardware Requirements 
  5. Maintenance 
  6. Monitoring & Logging
  7. Service Applications
  8. SharePoint Software Boundaries & Limits 
  9. Site Collection Health
  10. Updates
  11. Web Applications 

 This offer is for a limited time only. Offer expires  June 30, 2019 and has an approximate value of $1,250 USD.