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Desktop and Enterprise Mobility Management

In the recent years, the clinical staff has to spend significantly more time meeting compliance, leaving less time for the patients. This pushes the clinical staff to utilize any tools available at their disposal to improve efficiency.

Consumer electronics will continue to walk the halls of your clinics and hospitals. Access to your enterprise infrastructure is no longer restricted to the walls of your hospitals. Patient centric health solutions require access anywhere, on any device.  Mobile security solutions provide the secure access without compromising patient data.


Roadmap for Mobile Security

    • Unified Endpoint Management
      Instead of taking control of your staff’s devices, give them a secure container to access corporate assets from their devices. If the device is stolen or they leave, you can wipe out access to the enterprise information. Keeping personal and enterprise data separate also builds trust between your employees and the IT department.
    • Mobile Identity Management
      Mobile devices use all kinds of authentication methods, from 4 digit pin code to fingerprint. Extend your enterprise identity policies to the mobile devices. For personal use, users can do whatever they want. Our solution prompts the user for strong password when they access enterprise email or applications.
    • Mobile Threat Management
      According to published research, six new malware targeting mobile devices come up every second! Enable malware (ransomware) detection and prevention tools on mobile devices connected to your enterprise infrastructure.
    • Secure Content Sharing 
      Secure email communication prevents executable and ePHI in emails. Stop phishing attacks by blocking blacklisted websites and using secure web browser.
    • Integrated App Security 
      If you are using enterprise mobile apps, application security and establishing minimum-security baseline is a must. As a managed services provider, Calance support team provides full service solutions for managing laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Creating a minimum-security baseline, shutting down access to the USB ports, shutting down copy/paste functionality, disabling attachments in email client is all part of creating a clinical desktop image. Our support team is capable of creating OS images for Apple, Android and Windows workstations/devices, ensuring smooth operations of desktops/laptops, managing leases and swapping devices with the least disruption.

Our services

  • Security Assessmentcomplimentary diagnosis of your IT infrastructure, process and people training for HIPAA compliance.

  • Solution Design & Planning – depending on the size and complexity of your environment, we can help you pick the right technology.

  • Implementation – we work as an extension of your IT team to pilot and rollout security solutions.

  • Ongoing Support – we can provide 24×7, US based staff for Level 1 and Level 2 support.
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We are offering a 2-day complimentary security assessment. Contact us for your free assessment and the roadmap.

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