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Identity & Access Management

Security does not have to be complicated.

While the compliance requirements for medical and healthcare industry are daunting, it comes down to few key issues.


Keep track of the identity of people and devices allowed to access your medical records and automate policies for role-based access. No more accumulated access. Optionally, you can give restricted access to your patients and referring physicians.



Eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords. No cheat sheets, no post-its, no plain text files on devices with user names and passwords. Single Sign-on (SSO) and Federated Single Sign-on (FSSO) enable your clinical staff to seamlessly access all on-premise and hosted/cloud applications.

“Absolutely changed the way we do things… upgraded us to a solution approach for managing our enterprise (away from managing tasks).
Very hands-on project management, architecture and implementation.”

Esteban Quinones
Manager Enterprise Risk & Compliance
Verisk Analytics (IBM Tivoli implementation project) 

Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions solve most of the security issues by automating the process of allowing people/devices that are authorized to access your protected assets. Defining role-based access further avoids anyone without proper credentials (and reason) to access Protected Health Information (PHI).

Multifactor Authentication Demystified

If we don’t trust that you are who you say you are, we add another layer of security. Something you know (username and password) and something you must have: One-time password on the phone, a RSA token, a RFID enabled badge or a biometrics scan.

On-Premise vs Cloud Based Solutions

On-Premise SSO Solutions


  • Capital Expenditure

Traditional SSO solutions require upfront investment in hardware and software for hosting and connecting the on-premise and 3rd party applications.

  • Operational Expenses

On-going monitoring, maintenance of on-premise SSO solutions requires regular patching and updating underlying servers and networking gear. This means you will need to invest in system engineering staff and tools.

  • SLA

Higher availability, performance and support SLAs typically require higher investment in infrastructure, tools and support staff.

  • TCO

Over time the on-premise solution will break-even.

  • Customization

Option for using open source solution and customizing.

IDaaS (Hosted) Solutions


  • Capital Expenditure

Identity as-a-Services (IDaaS) hosted solutions do not require any upfront capital expenditure.

  • Operational Expenses

Vendor takes care of availability and maintenance of the SSO Solution. You don’t have to invest in the upkeep of underlying infrastructure.

  • SLA

Most IDaaS Vendors have 99.999% availability and at least 12×5 support. Additional support can be purchased with premium support contracts.

  • TCO

Hosted solutions tend to accrue higher total costs of ownership over 3-5 years.

  • Customization

Hosted solutions have restrictions on what can be customized. Pay-as-you-go services, per user, per month (regardless of what technology is used by the vendor).

Caradigm IAM (formerly Sentillion) partnered with Calance to train and certify Caradigm’s customers, employees and vendors on IAM solution.

Our Services

  • Security Assessment – diagnosis of your IT infrastructure, process and people training for HIPAA compliance.
  • Solution Design & Planning – depending on the size and complexity of your environment, we can help you pick the right technology
  • Implementation – we work as an extension of your IT team to pilot and rollout security solutions.
  • Ongoing Support – we can provide 24×7, US based staff for level 1 and level 2 support.

Technology Partnerships

Calance is a vendor-agnostic IT solutions provider offering you choices between industry-leading on-premise solutions as well as cloud solutions.

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