Interoperability & Data Governance

Whether you are considering a fresh installation, migrating from one interface engine to another or performance tuning, we can help.

Calance has implemented industry leading interface engines at large hospital systems, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and academic medical centers.

Our services include:

  • Assessmentcomplimentary diagnosis of your current interfaces and interface engine.
  • Solution Design & Planning – depending on the size and complexity of your environment, we can guide you in selecting the right tools.
  • Development and Implementation – we work as an extension of your IT team to pilot the technology solution and integration with other products e.g. EMPI.
  • Ongoing Performance Improvement and Support – ongoing support includes monitoring of real time & batch interfaces, exception handling and remediation.

Technology Partnerships:


Take a pause and hand it to our experts. We will diagnose your current interfaces and interface engines. We provide a complimentary assessment to GPO members to help identify the pains and the right solution.

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