IT Strategy & PMO

Recent focus on the pay for performance, patient engagement and proactive disease management requires Healthcare IT executives to adopt a different way of thinking and operating. And the fact that you have to deal with the challenges that are unique to your environment makes the IT management even more complex.

Some of the challenges IT executives face in their day-to-day operations include:

  • Clinical departments, with their own P&L, tend to operate in a loose federation. Convincing individual departments to change their processes and workflows is extremely difficult.
  • Clinical Directors are super specialists who often prioritize their personal bias to a specific workflow (and hence a software vendor), over enterprise standards.
  • Ongoing operating budget is often disregarded while procuring specialized applications.
  • Demand often exceeds the capacity of the IT resources, which requires prioritization of the different initiatives.

Our strategy consultants act as the trusted advisors to healthcare executives focusing on the “Right Thing”.

We can help define the IT strategy, setup demand management process, Change Management or business process improvement.

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