What is Security as a Service (SOCaaS)

Security as a Service, or SOCaaS, is a service that provides real time monitoring, detection and analysis of cyber security threats. This service goes above and beyond by proactive detention of advanced targeted attacks that have gone undetected by your existing perimeter controls.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Typically, we see that companies tend to be reactive instead of proactive. This creates a vulnerability that predators are all too familiar with. As cyber predators become more educated, they have learned how to infiltrate systems without any detection. This therefore means that current systems in place will be unable to react because they do not respond to threats.  

To understand the difference of being proactive vs. reactive, we use The House Example. 

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The House Example

adc65b7514fb94aebb989a1d1491171e-1At Calance we like to use The House Example as a simple way to explain the benefits of SOCaaS. Think about your security systems like a house. When you leave your house you might take basic security precautions like locking the doors and closing the windows. Maybe an unseasoned criminal would jiggle a door handle, notice it's locked and leave. A more seasoned criminal, however, may come along jiggle the handle, and then smash in a window. This is precisely why people set up cameras and invest in additional home security. 

Systems security works in the same way. Your house is your systems and your basic securities (your 'locks') are your firewall and antivirus. Most companies stop here. Unlike the house example, cyber criminals are more seasoned and more savvy at slipping in undetected. Once a cyber attack happens, there is likely significant long term damage that could have been avoided. Calance works to detect and respond to these threats around the clock.


See blog See our blog "The House Example- A Simple Explanation of SOCaaS"

Why Calance for Security as a Service (SOC)?

Our SOC solution goes beyond simply installing a SIEM product and sending your team members an overwhelming number of alerts to review. Our Security Engineers use analytic software to conduct the deep analysis required to provide you with actionable remediation recommendations.


Calance Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) solution includes the following: SOCcapabilites

(Source: Arctic Wolf Network)

  • Monitoring of an identified network, incorporating of network devices, servers and user workstations and laptops within the identified network;
  • Analyzing logs to detect and identify potential threats and notify responsible tower representative;
  • Reporting on security operations performance; 
  • Providing support and recommendations to improve security operations.
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