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AnalytX is the only AI platform on the market that requires zero development skill. AnalytX is a visual data science platform that rapidly builds solutions and integrates with your enterprise applications. The platform has easy to use custom modules that do not require any code.  The platform allows you to have better business processes through automatic deployments and enterprise integrations. 

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Really Easy Implementation

Our cloud-based platform with browser based UI allows for quick and adaptable installation, with ability to scale. 


No Code Needed

Create machine learning and deep learning models with no coding. 


Customized Models

Interactively train and generate AI models that meet your specific business needs. 


Rapid ROI

Our tool enables non-programmers to build and integrate business solutions quickly, lowering the cost of implementation. 


Predictive Scoring

Predictive scoring on live data in real-time applications through an easy API integration.


Exceptional Service & Experience 

Over the last 20+ years, Calance has developed close technological partners, allowing for proactive updates and improvements for your integration. 



Quick Guide:

Quick Guide to AnalytX by Calance



Thanks to you and your team for all your assistance. We really appreciate the comprehensive effort and excellent feedback you provide. Your team's can-do professional approach has been a significant factor in our success.

Tim Baker



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