Become a Calancian

At Calance, we pride ourselves on having a highly skilled team; but working with us goes beyond that. We foster a culture of collaboration; and we strive to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. We work well together, and while our focus is on always providing extraordinary customer service, we also ensure our employees enjoy working here. And considering that most of our team has been with us long-term, we are happy to say we’ve been successful at it.

We offer generous compensation and a benefits package — which, coupled with an exceptional company culture, has resulted in most Calance team members staying with the company for over 7+ years. We also provide H1B work permits and permanent residency sponsorship. This provides a sense of stability and belonging for our employees. By the same token, it results in our clients getting to work on a regular basis with familiar faces; which helps to build rapport and establish trust.

Interested in joining the Calance Team? Below are the positions for which we are currently hiring. If there are none listed at the moment, send your résumé to for future consideration.