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Calance DevOps Infinite

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DevOps Enablement

Calance DevOps Infinite offers both Business and Enterprise IT teams clear and concise view of current and desired IT state by overlaying DevOps framework. We approach each Enterprise IT environment by building alignment between suite of tools and business objectives.Calance DevOps leaders with decades of industry DevOps experience create solutions unique to the business mission.


Seamless Collaboration

Seamless collaboration and project management within development teams and across development and operations, benefits of managed operations without organizational barriers.


Automated Scalable Infrastructure

Infrastructure spun up and scaled on any cloud in any region of the world, automated, consistent, repeatable, scalable, secure, monitored infrastructure.


Managed Code base

Managed code base with version control, dependency management, configuration management, automated builds and testing, and coding standards, high-quality software by design and by the process.


Containerized Applications

Containerized applications from monolithic to micro services with on-demand and automated scaling of application instances across the world.


Next Generation Security Service

Next-generation security testing and audits of software from development to production with optional Security Service.


Infinite Capabilities

Calance DevOps Infinite in conjunction with Calance Managed Security Services provide full support spectrum in Dev + Sec + Ops.

DevOps Resources


Leave background DevOps to us so your app developers can focus on value-adding functionality

Today’s technological landscape is one of lightning-fast innovation and constant development. Companies of all sizes and types are ...

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What is digital transformation and why does it matter?

Digital transformation represents a dramatic reimagination of the ways an organization utilizes people, processes and technology to alter ...

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Update your company’s online presence for the digital age

For the last decade, American businesses have been undergoing a digital transformation. They have been streamlining operations ...

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Case Study

DevOps implementation in Fintech

The development was done in-house using Ruby on rails (v2.3) and the server requirements for running the monolith application were very high ...

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Case Study

Cloud Migration Done Right From the word Get- go

Distributed underlying infrastructure hosted at client location was managed centrally. This required knowledge of unique infrastructure ...

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Case Study

Disaster Recovery Site Set Up By Overlaying Devops

The Financing module is an independent app developed by a third party for providing quotations for tractor financing. The client required the setup ....

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