Our cyber security team has partnered with top technologies to provide an end-to-end SOCaaS solution. Calance's SOCaaS provides real time monitoring, detection and analysis of cyber security threats. This service goes above and beyond by proactive detention of advanced targeted attacks that have gone undetected by your existing perimeter controls.


24x7x365 Monitoring

Constant monitoring of an identified network, incorporating of network devices, servers and user workstations and laptops within the identified network.


Monthly Vulnerability Assessments 

Monthly vulnerability assessments highlighting actionable steps you can take to eliminate known attacks that exploit those vulnerabilities.


Dedicated Security Expert

Supported by a named, qualified security engineer who works with a team to deliver optimal security outcomes. These industry-certified experts are used as a strategic partner to assist with monitoring, testing and remediation.


Managed Threat Detection 

Use of a proprietary cloud-based SIEM, machine learning technology, and human expertise to detect threats as they occur, and direct an effective response. This is done by utilizing Hybrid AI—human-assisted machine learning, Behavioral analytics and threat intelligence, Log management and analysis and Unlimited policy customization.


Customer Success Team

The success of a security solution depends on the alignment between that solution and an organization’s business-level security objectives. Our customer success teams partner closely with customers to achieve this alignment through Quarterly security reviews, Project planning support, and Features & roadmap discussions.


Exceptional Service

Calance prides itself on exceptional service. Many of our clients have relied on Calance for 20+ years to provide reliable services. 

Calance was founded in 2004 by Amit Govil, a former executive at Sapient and Accenture, around the idea of creating lasting alliances with customers, and a belief that fostering entrepreneurship and building true partnerships with clients was the key to unlocking endless possibilities for value creation.

Over the years Calance has grown organically and has acquired a series of complimentary IT Services along the way. As a result, the company today is a mix of diverse cultures, talents, and expertise that collaborate globally to bring our best capabilities and thinking to clients.


Trusted Partners

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Thanks to you and your team for all your assistance. We really appreciate the comprehensive effort and excellent feedback you provide. Your team's can-do professional approach has been a significant factor in our success.

Tim Baker



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