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IT Solutions That Let You Focus on Scaling Your Business

Calance provides a comprehensive set of capabilities, skills, experience, and insights to help you round out your IT team.

  • Get customized IT solutions and services that support your unique goals.
  • Gain the capabilities you need with our team of knowledge IT experts.
  • Develop sustainable IT strategies that are focused on long-term business growth.
  • Accelerate your digital transformation with a detailed roadmap.

Technology Partners

Technology Services That Help You Succeed

apps and auto

Apps & Automation Services

Develop custom apps, and implement DevOps services, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), APIs, Integration, and Application Performance Management (APM) to deliver solid applications, and streamline end-to-end business processes.


Managed IT Infrastructure & Operations Services

Manage your IT infrastructure regardless of where it is located — on-prem, private cloud, or public cloud. And minimize downtime while maximizing productivity.


Business Intelligence & Data Science

Identify trends and insights to help you design and develop more targeted business strategies that will eliminate guesswork and allow you to grow your business.


Security Services

Monitor cybersecurity threats in real time 24/7, provide training to your team with sophisticated phishing simulations, conduct app and infrastructure penetration testing, and secure your network and endpoints.


Construction Software Integration

Configure pre-built integrations that connect your construction project management application with your ERP and Account Systems enabling your operations to run seamlessly, avoiding double data entry, and reducing the risk of data errors.



Align your technology with your operations and set up automation within your infrastructure to streamline efforts across all your teams — all while keeping your data secure with continuous testing and audits.

Clients We Service

How to Get Started With Your Trusted Technology Partner

Technology makes the difference between your continued success or losing to your competitors. Regardless of your industry, we act as trusted technology partners who help you leverage technology to gain an edge, drive productivity and support your business goals. 

We help you unlock the possibilities that support continued growth by providing implementation of a variety of emerging technologies and approaches, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), Voice User Interfaces (VUIs), DevOps, Cloud, mobile, and modern app architectures.

Interested in exploring how Calance can support your growth?

Client Testimonials

Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Team

Outsourcing IT provides a lot of benefits for your business, like reducing operating costs, securing your data, integrating apps, automating processes, leveraging business intelligence for strategic insights, and providing continuous technical support. 

And at Calance, we offer 24/7 support, year-round, to give you peace of mind even if something happens after hours. Simply put, with the Calance team on your side, you can focus on growing your business.

What Makes Us Unique

We focus on your success because we are not just another vendor. We are your technology partner acting as an extension of your team. All of our efforts — our culture, our approach, our technology investments, our team — are aligned with client success in mind. We are technology enablers, implementing IT solutions and technology services that help you hit your goals and grow your business.

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Join Our Team

At Calance, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships — both with clients and with our team. This fosters a culture of trust and a commitment to creating high-quality, customer-oriented IT solutions, which is why we’ve seen a 90% client retention rate and successful long-term relationships with leading SMB and enterprise partners.

With decades of extensive domain knowledge in technology solutions and exceptional customer support, the Calance team shares a passion for helping organizations achieve digital transformation and build streamlined IT infrastructure that supports their continued success. Our customized IT solutions empower organizations to hit their long-term business goals and lead their industry.

We believe our long term relationship with employees is one our most valuable assets. At Calance we strive to build a culture where personal and professional growth are as important as customer growth and success. We often refer to Calance as a family — a family committed to sustainably growing businesses, driving client success, and working to ensure everyone in the family achieves their full potential.

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