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Technology is a core competency for businesses today. Additionally, as your teams adjust to remote and hybrid set-ups, a high-performing and experienced IT helpdesk is critical. With Calance, you onboard an expert team that’s committed to delivering efficient resolutions for IT challenges, through customized solutions that fit your needs.

Why Invest in Outsourced IT Help Desk

 As your business scales up, the internal IT team can begin to feel stretched to adequately meet the growing volume of support requests. Outsourcing your IT helpdesk to a trusted partner can help take the pressure off your internal teams and deliver a range of benefits:

Optimize Operations

Experience uninterrupted and efficient operations as your teams get to focus on doing their best work, and not worry about routine IT issues

Get Solutions Faster

Quickly and effectively resolve your IT challenges with dedicated experts who understand your systems, and are always accessible to your remote and on-site teams.

Prevent Disruptions

Get access to technology specialists who can monitor the health of your IT set-up, and proactively spot and resolve issues before they disrupt your business growth.

Reduce Costs

Outsourced IT help desk gives you access to highly trained resources, at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an internal team. Outsourcing enables organizations convert fixed IT costs into variable costs by paying for what they need and when they need it. 

Eliminate Overheads

With not having to maintain a large IT team, you can eliminate a range of overhead costs like salaries, benefits, training. You also eliminate spending on any tools and solutions required for IT support, while still availing the industry-leading platforms brought in by your outsourced partner.

Expertise that Drives Your Success

A 90% customer retention rate is testament of our commitment to helping you succeed. We bring 25 years of experience and expertise with managing IT services, combined with on-shore and off-shore delivery capabilities.

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Why Calance

At Calance, our goal is to empower your teams to fully focus on innovation and ensure that your IT infrastructure can handle it all. We deliver on this promise with:

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Customizable Solutions

From a basic IT support team on a limited budget, to a fully dedicated 24x7 IT help desk, we are equipped to tailor and scale our solutions to your organizations evolving requirements.


Consistent Expertise

With an average employee tenure of over 7 years, our support teams can stay largely consistent for organizations, capable of offering deeper insights and high quality solutions for your business over the years.


Long-Term Focus

Going beyond simply resolving IT issues, we aim to be your strategic IT partner helping you evolve and improve your infrastructure over the course of our engagement.



We deliver a comprehensive set of ITIL-based infrastructure management services, with a blend of US and off-shore team members focused on continuous improvement.


Reporting and Analytics

Track, measure and analyze the health of your IT infrastructure, and the performance of your help desk, to drive continuous improvement.

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Customized Service

We adapt to work with the ticketing systems, IT support processes, and communication styles of your organization, to ensure that we take over support operations seamlessly and work as a natural extension to your team.

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Clients We Service

Choose the IT Helpdesk meant for You

Calance has been a trusted IT partner for small and mid-size businesses for 25 years. Whether you are a small business with outsourcing cost concerns or a mid-scale company with requirements for dedicated IT support, we have got you covered 

Small Businesses

A small IT help desk capable of offering support with basic technology systems in use - that’s typically what small businesses look for. The key concern for them is the cost of outsourcing, and whether their needs will be adequately prioritized by the outsourced vendor. 

If you are a small business, it is critical that you find an outsourced IT helpdesk that delivers the required SLAs, at the right cost.                                       

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Mid-size Businesses

Complex IT environments, larger ticket volumes, distributed teams, and 24x7 support requirements - mid-size businesses need IT help desk partners that can efficiently handle all these aspects. Trained experts, a familiarity with their business and teams are a few other key qualities that midsize businesses look for. 

Calance is seasoned across the board to assist businesses with these advanced IT support requirements.                                       

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